Islamic State behead, mutilate, rape, enslave and massacre exactly as the Koran instructs – emulating the Prophet of Islam

ISIS Releases Hour-Long Snuff Film- Mass Executions, Vile Propaganda 2014-09-22 21-49-23A book that guides, and a sword that aids. The self-appointed Caliph of IS describes the Koran.ISIS Releases Hour-Long Snuff Film- Mass Executions, Vile Propaganda 2014-09-22 21-51-53

Islamic State beheads, mutilates as the Koran instructs

Obama, Cameron et al say Islamic State are just a bunch of barbarians, not real Muslims. But as they behead and mutilate “infidels” they’re only doing what the Koran and the Prophet instructs

Their fate was sealed in the Koran


by Raymond Ibrahim, 23 September 2014 07:23

To understand why the Islamic State not only decapitates its “infidel” captives, but also mutilates and mocks their corpses—and all to sadistic laughter—one need only turn to the Koran and deeds of Islamic prophet Muhammad.

The Koran exhorts believers to “Fight them [those who oppose Islam], Allah will torment them with your hands, humiliate them, empower you over them, and heal the hearts of the believers, removing the rage from their hearts” (Koran 9:14-15).

As usual, to understand the significance of any Koran verse, one must turn to the sira and hadith—the biography and anecdotes of Muhammad, respectively—for context.

Thus we come to the following account concerning the slaughter of ‘Amr bin Hisham, a pagan Arab chieftain originally  known as “Abu Hakim” (Father of Wisdom) until Muhammad dubbed him “Abu Jahl” (Father of Stupidity) for his staunch opposition to Islam.

After ‘Amr was mortally wounded by a new convert to Islam during the Battle of Badr, Abdullah ibn Mas‘ud, a close companion of Muhammad, saw the “infidel” chieftain collapsed on the ground.  So he went to him and started abusing him. Among other things, Abdullah grabbed and pulled ‘Amr’s beard and stood in triumph on the dying man’s chest.

According to Al-Bidaya wa Al-Nihaya (“The Beginning and the End”), Ibn Kathir’s authoritiative history of Islam, “After that, he [Abdullah] slit his [‘Amr’s] head off and bore it till he placed it between the hands of the Prophet.Thus did Allah heal the hearts of the believers with it.”

This, then, is the true significance of Koran 9:14-15: “Fight them, Allah will torment them with your hands [mortally wounding and eventually decapitating ‘Amr], humiliate them [pulling his beard], empower you over them [standing atop him], and heal the hearts of the believers, removing the rage from their hearts [at the sight of his decapitated head].”

The logic here is that, pious Muslims are so full of zeal for Allah’s cause that the only way their inflamed hearts can be at rest is to see those who oppose Allah and his prophet utterly crushed—humiliated, mutilated, decapitated. Then the hearts of the believers can be at ease and “healed.”

This is surely one of the reasons behind the Islamic State’s dissemination of gory videos and pictures of its victims: the new “caliphate” is trying to heal the hearts of every believer inflamed for the cause of Allah.

If this sounds too farfetched, consider the following picture of a decapitated “infidel” from the Islamic State’s websites. The Arabic caption to the left says “healing for hearts”—a clear reference to the aforementioned Koran verse:
Koran 96:15-16 also alludes to the fate of ‘Amr and offers more context applicable to the Islamic State: “No! If he does not desist, we will surely drag him by the forelock—a lying, sinning forelock.”

According to al-Alusi’s tafsir, or exegesis, after Abdullah placed his foot on the dying foe of Islam, ‘Amr opened his eyes and recognized him. The once proud chieftain lamented that he was being killed by a common “goat herder,” to which Abdullah replied, “Islam elevates and nothing is elevated above it.”

He then sheared his head off. “But he could not carry it, so he made holes in the ears and put thread through them and dragged the head to the prophet.  Then Gabriel, peace be upon him, came laughing and saying, “O prophet, you got an ear and an ear—and the head between for a bonus!”

Based, then, on the treatment of ‘Amr bin Hisham (AKA “Abu Jahl”) as recorded in Islam’s core texts—Koran, hadith, sira, and tafsirs—all sadistic acts being carried out by the Islamic State were in fact committed by the earliest Muslims and all to the complete approval of Muhammad (and apparently the “angel” Gabriel, too).  They include:

  • Beheadings and mutilations (e.g., holes in ears of ‘Amr)
  • Humiliation and gestures of triumph (feet on chest of fallen victim, dragging his body, or head, on the ground)
  • Laughter, mockery, and celebration (for the hearts of the believers are now “healed”)

Indeed, along with the “healing for hearts” image above, consider some other pictures taken from the Islamic State’s websites and how well they conform to the above accounts describing the slaughter of ‘Amr[*]:

Note how in the following four pictures, to demonstrate that the enemies of Islam have been brought low, as Koran 9:14-15 promised, Islamic State members make it a point to place their feet atop their fallen corpses, most of which were first decapitated.

Note also how the ubiquitous black flag of Islam is always raised above the fallen “infidels”—a reminder that “Islam elevates and nothing is elevated above it,” as Abdullah told ‘Amr, with his foot on his chest, before beheading him.

ISIS Releases Hour-Long Snuff Film- Mass Executions, Vile Propaganda 2014-09-22 21-56-16ISIS Releases Hour-Long Snuff Film- Mass Executions, Vile Propaganda 2014-09-22 21-57-56

Note the jocularity in the following picture—reminiscent of the “angel” Gabriel laughing and joking about the mutilated head of ‘Amr.  (If Allah’s angel finds such human carnage amusing, shouldn’t Allah’s jihadi servants as well?)


The following picture is reminiscent of how ‘Amr’s head was treated: mutilated and dragged on the ground. In this case, it is a decapitated body that is being degraded:

The next two pictures are of especial interest because they actually use the relatively arcane Arabic word haz(bottom left-hand corner), which means to “slice” off, to describe the beheading of Islam’s enemies. The standard Arabic word for “cut” generally used to describe a beheading is qata‘.

That the word used (haz) is the same word found in the early jihad literature is no coincidence and indicative of the source of inspiration: Islam’s scriptures.  (Also watch this video with English subtitles of an Islamic cleric explaining to his followers how one must “slice” (haz) heads off — and do it slowly to enjoy it more — as opposed to merely chopping it off.)

In short, not only are the members of the Islamic State closely patterning themselves after Muhammad—whom Koran 33:21 exhorts believers to emulate in all ways—but even in the most sadistic of details are they finding support in their prophet.

Nor should it come as any surprise that Muslims are aware of these accounts from early Islamic history. After all, the near hagiographic Battle of Badr, including the story of ‘Amr’s slaughter, is routinely glorified worldwide in mosque sermons, on Islamic satellite stations, and in Islamic texts. It is a source of great pride.

Thus when young Muslims express their anger and frustration at the state of affairs of the Islamic world, their clerics council them to go to the jihad in Iraq and Syria and decapitate themselves an infidel—which, according to the Koran, should “heal their hearts.”

(Perhaps that’s why a British female convert to Islam is so eager to ”behead Christians with a blunt knife“?  Perhaps that’s why a jihadi savagely pulled out and bit into the heart of a fallen Syrian soldier—to heal his own heart by sating his rage against Allah’s “enemies”?)

Such Muslims join the jihad, and not only do they decapitate, but they mutilate, humiliate, and laugh at the disgraced enemies of Allah—in perfect emulation of the Islamic glory/gory stories they grew up on.

This is the true cult of jihad which few non-Muslims can begin to comprehend—and little wonder, considering that their political leaders, professors, and media continue to babble foolishly about how Islam is the “religion of peace.”

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Islamists force 650 000 Nigerians from homes

Lagos – Attacks by Boko Haram Islamists in Nigeria’s crisis-hit northeast have forced nearly 650 000 people from their homes, the United Nations humanitarian office (OCHA) said on Tuesday, an increase of nearly 200 000 since May.

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) for its part reported that about 1 000 people trying to escape the fighting had fled to an uninhabited island on Lake Chad across Nigeria’s northeastern border.

“The group, mainly women and children, is in urgent need of food, water, shelter and medical care,” the UNHCR said.

They reached the remote island of Choua on Thursday after fleeing a Boko Haram attack in their home town of Kolikolia, according to the refugee agency.

Chad has pledged to send two helicopters to the island to help evacuate the Nigerian refugees to a nearby area where they can be temporarily settled with host communities, the UNHCR added.

The refugee agency said it was sending staff to the area to coordinate the relief effort.

Thousands have fled over Nigeria’s borders into Cameroon, Chad and Niger seeking refuge from Boko Haram’s relentless violence, which has killed more than 2 000 civilians this year and left scores of villages destroyed.

Relief workers have avoided setting up refugee or internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, but some fear camps may soon become necessary, especially in Nigeria, as the security forces struggle to contain the escalating Islamist violence.

OCHA said 436 608 people have been displaced in the three states – Adamawa, Borno and Yobe – that were placed under emergency rule in May 2013.

The agency put the IDP figure at 250 000 in May this year.

10 000 dead

Another 210 085 have fled their homes in areas neighbouring the state of emergency zone, bringing the total number of people displaced by Boko Haram unrest to nearly 650 000, OCHA reported.

The Islamist insurgents, who are seeking to create an Islamic state in the country’s predominantly Muslim north, have killed more than 10 000 people since 2009.

The military has for more than a year been waging an offensive in the northeast aimed at crushing the uprising, but the campaign appears to have yielded few gains and the military’s tactics have been harshly criticised.

The latest report of massive abuses by Nigeria’s military came Monday from Amnesty International, which released videos that appeared to show the security forces and allied vigilantes carrying out extra-judicial executions, including by slitting people’s throats.

Nigeria’s defence ministry said it was taking Amnesty’s allegations “very seriously” and would launch an investigation.


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Islamic State seeks to use bubonic plague and chemical warfare as a weapon of war

History repeats itself. We have always insisted that Muslims are the ones who intentionally spread plagues into Europe in a medieval warfare that killed half of Europe’s population. The appearance of anti-semitism in Europe coordinates with the spread of the plague. Jewish presence came from outside into Europe as slaves through Muslim transport and trade routes. The Islamic propaganda and diseases, infected from the Arab slave trade, became assumed to be ‘curses’ bought into Europe by the enslaved Jews and the diseases they had been infected with by their slave masters, sent as weapons into the lands that Muslims were not able to conquer and penetrate fully. But while spreading it, the Arabs ended up killing their own which spoiled their worldwide Caliphate war and eventually defeated them.

It is time for the West to have zero tolerance and deport them fully and completely – and nuke them off. This endless savagery has to come to an end. Is 1500 years of terrorism, slave raids and invasions not enough? They never change, never evolve. These people cannot live amongst us anymore.

Islamic State seeks to use bubonic plague as a weapon of war

Islamic State research into biological and chemical weapons uncovered on seized laptop to target shopping centres and air-conditioning systems

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leads Friday prayers in Mosul

Damien McElroy

By Damien McElroy, Foreign Affairs Correspondent

5:54PM BST 29 Aug 2014

ISIL terrorists in Syria and Iraq have carried out research into the production of biological weapons, compiling a manual of how to make a device and sharing a religious edict that sanctions the use of weapons of mass destruction against civilians.

The computer seized from a Tunisian chemistry student contained a 19-page manual to learn how to turn the bubonic plague into a weapon of war. The text boasts that biological and chemical weapons are a highly effective means of targeting enemy populations, according to the Arab television channel al-Aan, which obtained the computer from a Syria rebel group.

“The advantages of biological weapons is the low cost and high rate of casualties,” an extract of the closely-typed document shown on the channel said. “There are many methods to spread the biological or chemical agents in a way to impact the biggest number of people. Air, main water supplies, food. The most dangerous is through the air.”

The manual explores a variety of means to spread “chemical or biological agent” over a wide area – including rockets and missiles, suicide missions in cars, and contamination of air-conditioning systems.

The laptop revelations came as Islamic State issued more recordings of massacres by it forces including the beheading of a captured Kurdish peshmerga soldier. An Islamic State video entitled “A message in blood to the leaders of the American-Kurdish alliance,” showed 15 peshmerga dressed orange jumpsuits that it warned would be killed in retaliation for Kurdish support for US intervention in Iraq.

The UN said yesterday that three million people had been made refugees from the conflict in Syria and Iraq.

The Syrian civil war has seen as many as seven documented chemical weapons attacks, involving the use of sarin, chlorine and ammonia gas against residential areas. Investigations by human rights groups have found that the Syrian regime had deployed weapons from the country’s stockpile.

However, experts have warned that the group of extremist Islamist groups makes a chemical weapons attack by terrorists highly likely. Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former commander of British nuclear, biological and chemical weapons protection forces, said that the Islamic State has shown interest in using chemical weapons already.

That the group had sought a fatwa from an Islamic scholar, which was also on the computer, shows Islamic State had, unlike al-Qaeda, decided that chemical weapons were a legitimate option on the battlefield.


plague 1

“Al-Qaeda thought that biological weapons were beyond the pale but Islamic State don’t have similar quandaries, especially since the Assad regime has used them and people have seen how effective they are,” he said.

“It is difficult – but not impossible – to get people to ingest biological spores, while the chemical stuff that Islamic State mentions shows they have the intent to co-opt these weapons.”

Islamic State seized control of al-Muthanna, the storage facility that houses Iraq’s stockpile of chemical weapons, in July.

Mr Gordon subsequently warned the material at the facility could be used by Islamic State to make an improvised chemical weapon. The laptop shows it is actively seeking ways of making chemical and biological bombs.

Al-Aan said the owner of the manual, which it only identified as a Tunisian called Mohammad, had studied physics and chemistry at a university in his homeland until 2011.

The documents recommended targeting confined spaces with large gatherings of people, including underground train systems, football stadiums or shopping complexes.

A separate file on the laptop contained a letter from an Islamic religious expert, Sheikh Nasir al-Fahd, who is currently languishing in a Saudi Arabian detention centre for terrorist sympathisers. The edict, or fatwa, tells believers that Muslim fighters can use chemical or biological weapons against the “infidel”.

“Looking to the American aggression against the Muslim people and their lands during the past decades, you will conclude that it’s permissible (to attack with weapons of mass destruction) under the principal of reciprocity. Some brothers calculate the number of Muslim casualties and they found it more than 10 millions killed by America, directly and indirectly, the lands which were burnt by their bombs are uncountable,” the fatwa said.

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Female suicide bomber targets Nigeria petrol station

Kano – A female suicide bomber blew herself up at a petrol station in northern Nigeria’s biggest city of Kano on Monday, killing one other person, a military source said.

The source gave no other details about the attack. It was the third bomb attack in Kano in just 24 hours.

(Stefanos Foundation, AP)

(Stefanos Foundation, AP)

On Sunday, a bomber hurled explosives at worshippers in a Catholic church, killing five and wounding eight. Also on Sunday, a female suicide bomber killed herself while trying to target police officers. Nobody else died in that attack.

There have been no claims of responsibility for any of the blasts, but the prime suspect is likely to be the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, which is fighting for an Islamic state in religiously-mixed Nigeria.

The militants have killed thousands since launching an uprising in 2009 and are seen as the gravest security threat to Africa’s biggest economy and top oil producer.

Though much of the violence is concentrated in the remote northeast, they have struck across Nigeria in several bomb attacks since April.

On Sunday, they mounted a cross-border attack into Cameroon, killing at least three people there and kidnapping the wife of the vice prime minister.


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Saudi columnist calls Jihad in Syria ‘Jihad for Satan’ and calls for a ban on Muslims killing Muslims – but no mention of non-Muslims

Saudi columnist Dr. Muhammad Al-Harbi calls the Saudi Jihad in Syria a fight for Satan. With followers of a Satanic cult, what else to expect? He condemns the killing of Muslims. It may all sounds good, but notice how he doesn’t mention any restriction for Muslims to kill other people – only Muslims. Notice that NOT ONE Muslim has stepped forward to condemn the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of non-combatant and innocent Christians in Syria. Not one.

The columnist then encourage the Muslim savages to turn their satanic activities against Israel – a victim of Jihad and deception for more than 60 years.

Morality lesson: they’re all the same. Never believe they have any disagreement to slaughter of non-Muslims.



Saudi Columnist: The Jihad In Syria Is Jihad For Satan, Not Allah

On March 26, 2014, a video was posted on YouTube showing two Saudi youths being executed by Jabhat Al-Nusra (JN) on charges of fighting for the rival jihad group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

[1] In response, Saudi columnist Dr. Muhammad Al-Harbi published an article in the Saudi daily ‘Okaz in which he harshly attacked the phenomenon of Saudi youths traveling to wage jihad in Syria.Al-Harbi claimed that the fighting in Syria was not jihad for the sake of Allah but rather “jihad for the sake of Satan” and a deviation from Islam.

He condemned the preachers and clerics who urge the youth to travel to Syria, accusing them of exploiting the naivety of these youths and their desire to carry out jihad. These clerics, he said, push the youths to join a war they have nothing to do with and provide the extremist terrorist organizations that are fighting each other in Syria with cannon fodder in the form of young fighters from Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Al-Harbi called on the Saudi authorities to not make do with the Munasaha program (which provides guidance to mujahideen returning from foreign jihad fronts) but rather to establish an entire system in the Saudi mosques, schools and media to fight extremism and quench it “with an iron fist.”

The following are excerpts from the article:[2]

Dr. Muhammad Al-Harbi (image:

Death In Syria Is Death For The Sake Of Satan; Allah Forbade Waging War Against Our Fellow Muslims

“‘Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shumari and Hamoud Al-Saqri, two Saudi youths from Riyadh, were executed in cold blood and in the most heinous of ways. [Their execution] was filmed in order to burn sorrow into the hearts of their parents, families, loved ones, homeland, and the [entire] human race for the rest of their lives.

“Who killed ‘Abd Al-Rahman and Hamoud? Did they fight alongside ISIS and were killed by JN, or was it the other way around? Did they fight alongside the Free Syrian Army and were killed by [Syrian] regime soldiers, or was it the other way around? Did they fight alongside Hizbullah and were killed by Al-Qaeda, or was it the other way around?

“It doesn’t matter who the two fought for in Syria, and it doesn’t matter what organization their killers belong to. What matters is that the two were killed, liquidated! All those who delude themselves [into believing] that Syria is the site of jihad for the sake of Allah will be liquidated this way – because death in Syria is death for the sake of Satan, definitely not for the sake of Allah! Because Allah never commanded us to fight our coreligionists without just cause.”

Sunni terrorism in Syria, killing, terrorising and starving minorities.

Preachers And Sheikhs Steal Young People’s Minds, Toy With Their Faith

“The leaked YouTube video of ‘Abd Al-Rahman and Hamoud’s execution in Syria revealed the ugly face [of what awaits] those who continue to believe that the jihad there is jihad for the sake of Allah… and the ugly faces of those who preach fitna [civil strife] and encourage the [idea] of death and forbidden bloodshed [i.e. the killing of Muslims]. Furthermore, [the video] revealed the despicable and evil side of those who seduce the youth in order to steal their souls… having pushed them into a war they have nothing to do with and having sold their lives cheaply for a cause that is unjust, especially since their blood, spilled on Syrian soil, achieves no justice over there, in any way!!

“The leaked YouTube video also revealed that those fighting in Syria are Muslims who have deviated from just Islam in their thinking, and have become nothing but pawns in the hands of extremist terrorist organizations who falsely and deceptively don the cloak of religion. These organizations fight amongst themselves and require human shields and victims imported from our country and others, who are easily smuggled to them by false preachers and sheikhs… The satellite channels and social networks open their doors to [these preachers and sheikhs] so they can incite, steal young minds, and toy with [the young people's] faith, while exploiting their desire to attain ‘the pinnacle of Islam’ [i.e. jihad]. And indeed, [these youths] go there blindly and without thinking, leaving behind wounded mothers and wives, sons and daughters, who are doomed to be orphaned and face perdition.

“Muslims kill fellow Muslims while their real enemy is a few kilometers away, in Israel! Right there in the occupied Syrian Golan! But they do not dare fire a single bullet at it because they are cowards and collaborators, and are betraying their religion, countries, nation, and humanity!! Not just because [Israel] is stronger than they are, but because [Israel] is not [even] part of their priorities and because those who initially incited them work towards the success of the Zionist enterprise in the region. This is the truth, whether you like it or not.”

We Require A Total War Against Extremism

“The false jihad in Syria was never anything but death for the sake of Satan, and was never [jihad] for the sake of Allah. To prevent [the events shown in] this tragic video from recurring, we must urgently establish an entire system to fight this deviant idea that led ‘Abd Al-Rahman and Hamoud [to Syria]. It is not enough to send them messages via the media to return [home], and it is not enough to [implement] the counseling [program] for those returning [from jihad fronts]. Rather, we must immediately act in the homes, mosques and schools.

“Every father and mother should be aware of their responsibility to watch their children, educate them, condemn extremist thought on their part, keep an eye on their circle of friends and help them choose [their friends]. Furthermore, there is no escaping [the need to] reexamine the education system and focus on retraining teachers before developing or changing the curricula. We must [also] choose mosque preachers well and follow their sermons, restrain all those who preach fitna and encourage [their followers] to travel abroad for wars, and prevent their appearance on satellite channels and media outlets. As we all know, prevention is better than treatment, and therefore we must formulate a plan to combat deviant thought [and fight it] with an iron fist.”

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