Saudi columnist calls Jihad in Syria ‘Jihad for Satan’ and calls for a ban on Muslims killing Muslims – but no mention of non-Muslims

Saudi columnist Dr. Muhammad Al-Harbi calls the Saudi Jihad in Syria a fight for Satan. With followers of a Satanic cult, what else to expect? He condemns the killing of Muslims. It may all sounds good, but notice how he doesn’t mention any restriction for Muslims to kill other people – only Muslims. Notice that NOT ONE Muslim has stepped forward to condemn the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of non-combatant and innocent Christians in Syria. Not one.

The columnist then encourage the Muslim savages to turn their satanic activities against Israel – a victim of Jihad and deception for more than 60 years.

Morality lesson: they’re all the same. Never believe they have any disagreement to slaughter of non-Muslims.



Saudi Columnist: The Jihad In Syria Is Jihad For Satan, Not Allah

On March 26, 2014, a video was posted on YouTube showing two Saudi youths being executed by Jabhat Al-Nusra (JN) on charges of fighting for the rival jihad group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

[1] In response, Saudi columnist Dr. Muhammad Al-Harbi published an article in the Saudi daily ‘Okaz in which he harshly attacked the phenomenon of Saudi youths traveling to wage jihad in Syria.Al-Harbi claimed that the fighting in Syria was not jihad for the sake of Allah but rather “jihad for the sake of Satan” and a deviation from Islam.

He condemned the preachers and clerics who urge the youth to travel to Syria, accusing them of exploiting the naivety of these youths and their desire to carry out jihad. These clerics, he said, push the youths to join a war they have nothing to do with and provide the extremist terrorist organizations that are fighting each other in Syria with cannon fodder in the form of young fighters from Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Al-Harbi called on the Saudi authorities to not make do with the Munasaha program (which provides guidance to mujahideen returning from foreign jihad fronts) but rather to establish an entire system in the Saudi mosques, schools and media to fight extremism and quench it “with an iron fist.”

The following are excerpts from the article:[2]

Dr. Muhammad Al-Harbi (image:

Death In Syria Is Death For The Sake Of Satan; Allah Forbade Waging War Against Our Fellow Muslims

“‘Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shumari and Hamoud Al-Saqri, two Saudi youths from Riyadh, were executed in cold blood and in the most heinous of ways. [Their execution] was filmed in order to burn sorrow into the hearts of their parents, families, loved ones, homeland, and the [entire] human race for the rest of their lives.

“Who killed ‘Abd Al-Rahman and Hamoud? Did they fight alongside ISIS and were killed by JN, or was it the other way around? Did they fight alongside the Free Syrian Army and were killed by [Syrian] regime soldiers, or was it the other way around? Did they fight alongside Hizbullah and were killed by Al-Qaeda, or was it the other way around?

“It doesn’t matter who the two fought for in Syria, and it doesn’t matter what organization their killers belong to. What matters is that the two were killed, liquidated! All those who delude themselves [into believing] that Syria is the site of jihad for the sake of Allah will be liquidated this way – because death in Syria is death for the sake of Satan, definitely not for the sake of Allah! Because Allah never commanded us to fight our coreligionists without just cause.”

Sunni terrorism in Syria, killing, terrorising and starving minorities.

Preachers And Sheikhs Steal Young People’s Minds, Toy With Their Faith

“The leaked YouTube video of ‘Abd Al-Rahman and Hamoud’s execution in Syria revealed the ugly face [of what awaits] those who continue to believe that the jihad there is jihad for the sake of Allah… and the ugly faces of those who preach fitna [civil strife] and encourage the [idea] of death and forbidden bloodshed [i.e. the killing of Muslims]. Furthermore, [the video] revealed the despicable and evil side of those who seduce the youth in order to steal their souls… having pushed them into a war they have nothing to do with and having sold their lives cheaply for a cause that is unjust, especially since their blood, spilled on Syrian soil, achieves no justice over there, in any way!!

“The leaked YouTube video also revealed that those fighting in Syria are Muslims who have deviated from just Islam in their thinking, and have become nothing but pawns in the hands of extremist terrorist organizations who falsely and deceptively don the cloak of religion. These organizations fight amongst themselves and require human shields and victims imported from our country and others, who are easily smuggled to them by false preachers and sheikhs… The satellite channels and social networks open their doors to [these preachers and sheikhs] so they can incite, steal young minds, and toy with [the young people's] faith, while exploiting their desire to attain ‘the pinnacle of Islam’ [i.e. jihad]. And indeed, [these youths] go there blindly and without thinking, leaving behind wounded mothers and wives, sons and daughters, who are doomed to be orphaned and face perdition.

“Muslims kill fellow Muslims while their real enemy is a few kilometers away, in Israel! Right there in the occupied Syrian Golan! But they do not dare fire a single bullet at it because they are cowards and collaborators, and are betraying their religion, countries, nation, and humanity!! Not just because [Israel] is stronger than they are, but because [Israel] is not [even] part of their priorities and because those who initially incited them work towards the success of the Zionist enterprise in the region. This is the truth, whether you like it or not.”

We Require A Total War Against Extremism

“The false jihad in Syria was never anything but death for the sake of Satan, and was never [jihad] for the sake of Allah. To prevent [the events shown in] this tragic video from recurring, we must urgently establish an entire system to fight this deviant idea that led ‘Abd Al-Rahman and Hamoud [to Syria]. It is not enough to send them messages via the media to return [home], and it is not enough to [implement] the counseling [program] for those returning [from jihad fronts]. Rather, we must immediately act in the homes, mosques and schools.

“Every father and mother should be aware of their responsibility to watch their children, educate them, condemn extremist thought on their part, keep an eye on their circle of friends and help them choose [their friends]. Furthermore, there is no escaping [the need to] reexamine the education system and focus on retraining teachers before developing or changing the curricula. We must [also] choose mosque preachers well and follow their sermons, restrain all those who preach fitna and encourage [their followers] to travel abroad for wars, and prevent their appearance on satellite channels and media outlets. As we all know, prevention is better than treatment, and therefore we must formulate a plan to combat deviant thought [and fight it] with an iron fist.”

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Saudi Woman Receives 150 Lashes and 8 Months in Jail for the Horrific Crime of…Driving a Car

The West Australian | h/t Trop

A woman in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced this week to 150 lashes and eight months in jail for driving and striking police officers who arrested her, news websites in the kingdom have reported.

Women in the conservative country are prohibited from driving.

It appeared that the particularly harsh sentence was handed down because of the charges of resisting arrest and attacking police officers, according to various reports.

There has been no official confirmation of the verdict and the woman’s name has not been published.


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Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader among 683 sentenced to death in another mass trial

MINYA, Egypt – An Egyptian judge sentenced to death the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader and 682 other people Monday in the latest in a series of high-stakes mass trials that have been unprecedented in scope, drawing sharp condemnation from international rights groups.

The verdicts — which were appealed by general prosecutor— come as the military-backed government has launched a massive crackdown against Islamist supporters of ousted leader Mohammed Morsi, under the banner of “war against terrorism” while tightening its grip on the Arab world’s most populous nation.

Suggesting there might be room for reversal, the same judge also reduced the sentences against 529 defendants indicted in a similar case in March, upholding the death penalty for only 37 and commuting the rest to life imprisonment.

Still, the three dozen death sentences that were upheld was an extraordinarily high number for Egypt, compared to the dramatic trial in the wake of the 1981 assassination of President Anwar Sadat, when only five people were sentenced to death and executed.

Judge Said Youssef said he was referring Monday’s death sentences — which were for convictions of violence and killing policemen — to the Grand Mufti, the nation’s top Islamic official — a requirement under Egyptian law that is usually considered a formality but also gives room for the judge to change his mind. Of the 683, all but 68 were tried in absentia.

The government has conducted a series of mass trials of Brotherhood supporters after a crackdown in which hundreds were killed and nearly 16,000 detained. It also branded the Brotherhood a terrorist group, a claim the group denies.

Several secular-minded youth activists have been imprisoned for holding protests against a new law that prohibits the right to hold political gatherings without prior police permits. On Monday, a court ordered ban of April 6 youth group and confiscation of its offices. The group was among several that engineered the 2011 uprising against longtime leader Hosni Mubarak that set off nearly three-year turmoil.

“Egypt’s judiciary risks becoming just another part of the authorities’ repressive machinery, issuing sentences of death and life imprisonment on an industrial scale,” Amnesty International’s Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui said.

She added that the case “once again expose how arbitrary and selective Egypt’s criminal justice system has become” and urged authorities to “come clean and acknowledge that the current system is neither fair nor independent or impartial.”

The highest profile defendant convicted and sentenced to death on Monday was Mohamed Badie, the Brotherhood’s spiritual guide who — like several other heavy-weight Muslim Brotherhood leaders— had no official post in Morsi’s government but was believed to wield extensive influence on decision making during Morsi’s year in power. If his sentence is upheld, it would make him the most senior Brotherhood figure to receive capital punishment since one of the group’s leading ideologues, Sayed Qutb, was executed in 1966.

Badie was not at the hearing in Minya on Monday but in another court, in Cairo, where he faces charges of murder and incitement to murder along with 16 other Brotherhood leaders in a case connected to deadly protests outside the group’s headquarters last June.

The trials were linked to deadly riots that erupted in Minya and elsewhere in Egypt where Morsi’s supporters allegedly attacked police stations and churches in retaliation for security forces violent disbandment of sit-ins held by Morsi supporters in Cairo last August that left hundreds dead. The cases involve murder of three policemen and a civilian along with the injury of others.

After Monday’s ruling, which followed a single session in the case held last month, Sarah Leah Whitson, the executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa Division, said the defendants were not given the chance to properly defend themselves. The proceedings went on without the judge even verifying that the defendants were present, she said.

“The fact that the death sentences can be appealed provides little solace to hundreds of families that will go to sleep tonight facing the very real prospect that their loves ones could be executed without having an opportunity to present a case in court,” she said. “There is no more serious violation of the most basic right of due process and the right to a fair trial than that.”

Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in a statement that the verdicts “make a mockery of the rule of law.”

“The Egyptian authorities risk further destabilizing the country and cementing a political and social division ahead of the planned presidential elections in May,” he said.

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt also criticized the verdict in a message posted on his Twitter account, saying “the world must and will react!” he said.

Once the mufti reviews Monday’s ruling, the same court will hold another session on June 21 to issue the final verdicts. The ultimate decision is up to the judge.

As the ruling was announced, an outcry erupted outside the court among the families and relatives of the defendants. Women fainted and wailed as many cried out, “Why? This is unfair!”

“My three sons are inside,” said a woman who only gave her first name, Samiya, as she screamed in grief. “I have no one but God.”

Mohammed Hassan Shehata said his son Mahmoud was arrested in January, six months after the alleged violence with which he was charged.

“There is no evidence whatsoever,” he said. “If my son is guilty, behead him but if he is innocent, there will be a civil war.”

Another woman who also only gave her first name, Safiya, 48, said her brother and son were sentenced to death. “I swear, they don’t even pray, they don’t go to mosques,” she said. “They are not Muslim Brotherhood.”

Gamal Sayyed, a 25-year-old school teacher who belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood and was speaking to The Associated Press from hiding, said he became a fugitive after he was arrested for three months and released pending investigation last year.

“This ruling is aimed at vilifying the group, creating in public minds images of devils, terrorists, and extremists,” he said with a low voice. “This trial is crazy … but nothing is going to intimidate the youth in the streets protesting against this bloody coup.”

Defence lawyer Ali Kamal, said Monday’s hearing lasted only eight minutes. Security forces surrounded the court building and blocked roads, preventing families and media from attending the proceedings.

“This is against the spirit of the law,” Kamal said.

According to a judicial official who oversaw the investigation in the case, evidence presented in the trial consisted mostly of footage of the defendants showing them attacking and looting a police station in Cairo and setting fire to several government buildings. The defendants faced nearly 14 charges, five of them punishable by death, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to release the information.

In a press conference in Istanbul, the Muslim Brotherhood-led alliance condemned Monday’s ruling and called it “a farce.”

But some among the general public in Cairo appeared to approve of the heavy-handed measures as a way to restore security or under the influence of a media campaign seeking to turn all dissent into conspiracy against national interests.

“Even if they sentence a million people to death, so what?” said Sadeek el-Moghazi, a 43-year-old newspaper vendor in the eastern district of Heliopolis. “This is the best ruling in the history of the Egyptian judiciary.”


Michael reported from Cairo. Associated Press writers Mariam Rizk and Laura Dean contributed to this report from Cairo.

- See more at:

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Virginia,US: Saudi Man Arrested for Raping a 17-Year-old Autistic Girl

Virginia - Hamad Alsuwat

Hamad Mastour Alsuwat, 20, a Saudi citizen

by, Keith Epps | The Freelance Star | h/t Creeping Sharia and Halal Pork Shop

A man accused of sexual assault in Stafford County over the weekend was arrested Sunday as he was getting on a plane bound for Saudi Arabia, police said.

Hamad Mastour Alsuwat, 20, a Saudi citizen, is charged in Stafford with object sexual penetration, a felony that carries a potential life sentence.

According to Stafford Sheriff’s Office spokesman Bill Kennedy, the charge against Alsuwat stems from an incident Saturday at a county residence.

Deputy Thomas Grasso responded to the home and learned that a 17-year-old female resident had been sexually assaulted.

Alsuwat, who had been staying at the home as a foreign exchange student, was gone when Grasso arrived.

After determining that Alsuwat was a foreign exchange student, Detective Tim Covington contacted the Department of Homeland Security.

Agents with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection later intercepted Alsuwat at Dulles International Airport as he was boarding a flight to his home country.

After verifying that he was the subject of the Stafford warrant, federal authorities turned Alsuwat over to Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority police for extradition.

Alsuwat was in the Loudoun Adult Detention Center Monday night. It was not clear when he would be returned to Stafford.

Kennedy said no further information will be released regarding the incident because of the sensitive nature of the investigation.

- – – – – – – -

Follow-up Article:

Mom charged after daughter’s alleged attacker tries to flee U.S.


by, Keith Epps | The Freelance Star | h/t Creeping Sharia and Halal Pork Shop

The mother of an autistic 17-year-old Stafford County girl who was sexually assaulted Saturday has been accused of helping the teen’s attacker try to leave the country, court records show.

Hamad Mastour Alsuwat, 20, was arrested Sunday at Dulles International Airport as he was boarding a plane bound for his native Saudi Arabia, police said.

He is charged in Stafford with object sexual penetration, a felony that carries a potential life sentence.

The victim’s mother, who is not being named to protect the victim’s identity, was arrested Sunday on a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice.

According to an affidavit for a search warrant filed in Stafford Circuit Court by Detective Tim Covington, the mother helped Alsuwat pack to leave the country while knowing that he was being investigated for the sexual assault of her daughter.

The affidavit states that Alsuwat had been living with the girl’s family in southern Stafford since Sept. 13.

The victim’s parents had gotten involved in a foreign exchange program and were providing Alsuwat with a room.

The victim told Covington that on Saturday, according to the affidavit, Alsuwat asked her to come into his room.

She said he then pushed her onto the bed and began kissing and sexually assaulting her, refusing to stop when she told him to. She estimated that the incident lasted about five minutes.

A short time later, her older sister showed up to take her to a birthday party. When the party was over and it was time to go home, the affidavit states that the girl became scared and told her sister what had happened.

The sister told the parents what the victim said, and an argument ensued because the mother was defending Alsuwat, court records state.

The husband told Covington that his wife had been standing up for Alsuwat since November, when he caught his wife and Alsuwat in the shed engaged in a sex act.

The man said he had been trying to get Alsuwat out of his home, but his wife wanted him to stay. It had been an ongoing issue prior to Saturday, the affidavit states.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection intercepted Alsuwat on Sunday after Covington contacted the Department of Homeland Security.

Alsuwat is being held in the Loudoun Adult Detention Center pending his return to Stafford.



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Small child holds al-Qaeda flag in London

A reader sent this picture to us taken in London yesterday, Friday April 25, 2014, in what appears to be a Muslim demonstration (probably Anjem Choudary’s group). This is indoctrination of children to hate.

Check the little black kid, maybe around 7 or so years of age, holding that big al-Qaeda flag over his shoulder…. Does he even know what al-Qaeda does to other children like himself?

The group is displaying the black flag that calls for battle and terrorism (jihad) and the white flag of the Khilafa movement (the occupation to form the coming Caliphate).


Apparently the demonstration above is perfectly fine in London nowadays where you can openly praise terrorism, while the one below waiving the UK Union Jack flags is offensive and can lead to arrests. Especially the St George’s flag bodes very badly for British people should they want to display it. StGeorge is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag.

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